Circassian Circle

(music = Dashing White Sergeant or 32 Bar Reels)

“Gents bring a lady to the floor, keep her on your left hand side and form one giant circle for a dance that involves walking, clapping and partner swapping”
(Circle forms as boy-girl-boy-girl-boy-girl, etc all holding hands as a circle)
Remind the boys their partner is on their left and that they will get a new partner every time.
Whole circle, all holding hands goes in for four and then back out again for four
They do this bit twice.
Let go of each other
Ladies go in for three and on the fourth clap – then back out again for 4
Boys go in for three and on the fourth clap – STAY!
They come back out to face their partner
Cross over their hands and hold their partner’s
Couples spin for 16 – after which the man is still on the inside of the circle from the girl and still holding hands once they finish
Still holding hands they stand side by side so they are both facing anti-clockwise around the outside of the floor
Promenade, which means simply walk (“does not mean turn around and does not mean stop”) for the count of 16
The gent’s partner is on his right, keep her there and hold hands in a big circle again.
“Gents, you have a new partner – she is on your left”