Ceilidh Disco Mix

The best of both worlds – The Ceilidh and Disco Mix

As you’d think, a mixture.  The compere fronts the show, getting your guests up for the dances from inviting your bridal party up for the first dances, to calling ceilidh dances where necessary. Typically this would take the format of the first dances from the disco, with the bridal party being called onto the floor as we’ll have arranged before, then into the ceilidh for a few dances, then disco up to the buffet, then another ceilidh set, then disco to bring the evening to a close.

Typical running when there is ceilidh and disco –
Background music as you welcome your evening guests First 2-3 tracks from disco as you, your bridal party and then your guests are invited to the dancefloor Ceilidh band play a set, with dances called where necessary. Dances which might be done could be –

  • Gay Gordons
  • Dashing White Sergeant
  • Canadian Barn Dance
  • St Bernard’s Waltz
  • Britannia Two Step
  • Strip the Willow

Then a wee bit disco taking it up to the buffet

Following the buffet (during which background music will be played) the ceilidh band do a second set, this time dances might include –

  • Military Two Step
  • Circassian Circle
  • Pride of Erin Waltz
  • Quickstep
  • Gay Gordons
  • Orcadian Strip the Willow

The disco then plays your requests until it’s time to finish.

This option gives the best of both – the live band for the ceilidh and the genuine recorded music for those who are looking for the disco.